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Wang Chenxi


Master of Architecture, Columbia University
Bachelor of Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University

With international vision and rich project experience, I have architectural design and landing experience in the United States, France and China. It focuses on the use of technology in architecture and its commitment to social and natural sustainability. Adhere to interdisciplinary thinking, committed to the construction and exploration of our 

Lei Yunchen


Master of Architecture, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University

Walk between teaching and practice. Focusing on the development of interdisciplinary theory, I am interested in the role of perception in architectural and artistic practice. It is hoped that architecture can be established as a critical medium between the general environment and the human body. Facing up to the game of various forces faced by the project, and striving to explore a valuable way of practice.

Dong Tao


Master of Architecture, Tongji University
Bachelor of Architecture, Sichuan University

He has worked for a number of architectural design firms and architectural design institutes in Shanghai, Guangdong and Chengdu. He has participated in the design and bidding of various public buildings for many times, and some projects have been completed. Always try to work on every project as a creative rather than a productive one. We are good at finding a balance between nature and artificiality in the process of fully exploring the properties of the site, and establishing a close relationship between the building and its environment.


He Rongpeng


Bachelor of Architecture, Southwest Jiaotong University

I am good at old city renewal and old building renovation design, and I also participate in community construction as a community planner. The main achievements include the transformation project of Erxianqiao Cultural Center, the protection and transformation project of the historical and cultural buildings of the lighting court, the construction project of community public service facilities such as the neighborhood plat nd neighborhood station of Xiagangou Community, the construction of cultural street of the locomotive factory, and the construction project of Yinghui Community Complex.