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Client: SUNAC Group
Building Area: 7100 sqm
Site Area: 16200 sqm
Completion: 2020.10
Design Time: 2018.11
Project Architect: WANG Chenxi, DONG Tao
Design Team:  NING Kexuan, WANG Zihao, WANG,Jianyuan, CHEN Liming(Intern), ZOU Yan(Intern)

The design concept comes from the unique local landscape and its stone culture. To the north of the site is the busy Liutai road, it’s the main access to the site. To the south is the typical karst landscape. We hope the architecture can respond to the mountains from multiple perspective. The envelop system of the building is an abstract expression of surrounding mountains, creating a big and a small “mountains”. Affectionately called “big snail” and “small snail” by the locals as snail is one of the most important ingredient of Luosifen.

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Luosifen urban pavilion located in Taiyang Village, Liunan district, Liuzhou. As the core of Luosifen Scenic Area, this pavilion became one of the most significant landmark of the city after its completion in 2020 and held a number of cultural events since then.  Liuzhou has a history of 2000 years and it's known as“the world’s largest natural bonsai”with twisted rivers and thousands of isolated peaks. 

His city not only has a unique natural scenery, but also has a developed industrial production system, it's the base for the“National Car of China”Wuling and the birthplace of the phenomenon street-food in the gourmet world: Luosifen, literally means “snail rice noodle”. Liunan district is known as “Luosifen Hometown”as the first packaged Lousifen was born here. This delicious food from street corners of Liuzhou has a very unique scent, love or hate it, it has been foodie’s favourite that swept the world by storm in recent years and became a city tag for Liuzhou.

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Architectural facade is inspired by a unique inkstone only produced in Liuzhou which composed by black and white layers. The 360 degree glaze facade unrolled with the panoramic landscape like an ancient Chinese landscape scroll, which allowing the visitors and staff members enjoy unobstructed views from inside. The facade uses prefabricated aluminum panels with different patterns that corresponding to nearby skyline, adding more details and layers to facade.

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Rooftop terraces are turning toward the best scenic panorama, sloped roof and round openings offering a unique experience.  The roof of “small snail” is connected to the second floor of “big snail” by a unifying envelop as the extension of interior space, also forming a frame facing the most iconic karst peak to the south of our site.

At the center of the building is a double-height lobby designed to create an indoor courtyard full of sunshine and vitality, it’s a huge exhibition space as well. Interior circulation centered the lobby, visitors can go through varies exhibitions that help to understand the Luosifen industry from A to Z (Started from farming, production, packaging to distribution and sales of the product).  After the visitors finish watching all the shows, the circulation will bring them to rooftop terrace. While looking down at surrounding farmland and modern agricultural facilities, the view of the dramatic skyline nearby will definitely be a great way to end this wonderful visiting experience.

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